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Master "Building Services Engineering"

In order to take on demanding management positions or lead complex project teams in the field of building services engineering, engineers are increasingly required to have knowledge of business administration, commercial law, and project management, and to possess strong communicative and interpersonal skills that go beyond their mastery of engineering skills and topics.

In the Master’s degree programme in Building Services Engineering, you can acquire these important professional skills while expanding your engineering knowledge. Our programme will prepare you to launch a successful career and to secure outstanding prospects for continued professional growth.

Professional fields:
• efficient energy supply: renewable energy resources, trigeneration systems (combined heat, power, and refrigeration), heat pumps, geothermal energy, solar thermal energy
• energy efficiency: integral planning, building automation, monitoring, business optimisation, facilities management

Degree-holders are employed at
• engineering firms for technical building services and utilities engineering
• companies active in the field of building services engineering and plant construction as designers, foremen, and project engineers
• manufacturing plants as sales and customer service engineers
• development departments and laboratories
• public and private utility companies (municipal utilities, regional heating plants, gas and water works, hospitals)
• organisations within the public services sector, such as building authorities
• manufacturing companies, public institutions, real estate firms, and municipal authorities as facilities managers in technical building management

The master’s degree programme in Building Services Engineering
was created in close collaboration with well-known building services engineering firms to help meet their demand for highly qualified engineers and managerial staff.


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